The Traditional Group Photo.
  The Group Photo Improved by the Ladies.
  Standing: Dave Kennet, Cliff Mitchell, Ann-Marie Mitchell, ‘Tony Dapre
Seated: Denise Dapre, ‘Tony Meegan, Marilyne Bullock, Jeff Bullock.
  Seated: Maureen Pilcher, Roger Pilcher, ‘Liz Clapham, Eric Clapham.
  Standing: Una Johnson, Avril McCrum, ‘Tony McCrum, Peter Martin
Seated: Rob Johnson, ‘Liz McBean, Errol McBean, Shuna Le Moine.
  Standing: Gayle Othen, Roger Smith, ‘Bill Thornley, Johnny Othen
Seated: Pam Miller, Roger Miller, “The” Alf Banyard, Jeanette Thornley.
  Standing: Verna Jenner, Stan Jenner, Dave Howe, Veronica Howe
Seated: Carol Urwin-Mann, Steve Urwin-Mann, Beryl Sheppard, Roger Sheppard.
  Alistair Allcroft, Jean Allcroft, ‘Tim Hazell, Roy Scott
Seated: Bob Harris, Irene Commins, Geof Commins, Mary Scott.
  Standing: Hilary Bradley, ‘Tony Bradley, Sandra Catherall, Grahame Catherall
Seated: Ann Eve, ‘Tony Eve, Rosemary Morrison, ‘Bill Morrison.
  Standing: Mike Crooks, Johnny Cormack, Stephanie Cormack, Glyn Bolderson.
Seated: ‘Geof Stephens, Mike Reid, Marlene Micklewood, Peter Micklewood.
  The Plumbers
Dave Kennett, Tony Meegan, Bill Thornley, Alf Banyard, Tony Dapre, Roger Sheppard.

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